Its A Funk! 

by G. Dale Beach

If you are interested in Funks or own one this book is full of info and details about the Funk brothers and their plane from start to finish. It tells the story of how the brothers started out and then turned into airplane builders and provides the history of how it came to be. They are sadly out of print but can be found on ebay and amazon fairly regularly along with other book dealers on the internet.

Along with the story the books contain many factory photos and pictures of Joe and Howard with the planes, changes made to the planes over the production run, and also magazine adds of the era for the planes. It also contains a breakdown of all the serial numbers and where they were at the time the book was released or what had happened to them when the info could be found.

First edition 1985

Second edition 1997

This book contains added photos that were not in the first edition and also a updated list of planes by serial number and their status.