Landing Gear Springs and Seals

Funk tail wheel gear specifications-

· Spring Length = 6”  (two of our units had 6.5” springs in them)

· Spring O.D. = 1.165”

· Spring I.D. = .815”  (.610” or 5/8” shaft)

· Rod diameter = .165” (in round wire versions)

· I.D. of plunger tube of gear leg wheel unit = 1.265"

Given the age of Funk aircraft, it is legal to purchase and/or manufacture/install a current part that meets the design specifications and safety requirements.  The tail load of a Funk B85c is 75 pounds.  Below are links to possible suitable replacements that I would use if needed.  I’m sure there are other options out there if you want to keep searching for them.  If you find something better, please let me know.  Good luck!


Tail Wheel equivalnt replacement springs

McMaster/Carr - 

WB Jones - 

Grainger - 

Main Gear equivalent replacement spring-

Down side is Grainger will only ship this spring in units of 3, so you get a spare.

Landing Gear Seal Sets for Main Gear Legs

Main Gear Seal and bumper set includes 4 leather washers, 2 oil seals, and 2 rubber bumpers $55.00 shipped

Contact Danny Towery @ or 302-270-8088

Landing Gear assembly pictures and instructions